7th Annual Kay's Kup Golf Tournament

A Dream, a Vision and a Legacy! 


Kay's Kamp is the vision of Kaylyn E. Warren who was stricken with Leukemia at the age of 17. For most of Kaylyn's treatment she was a patient at Christiana Care Hospital and the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, except for a brief 2 month stretch spent in Seattle at the Fred Hutchinson Center. There, Kay hoped to receive a life saving stem cell transplant but her leukemia was too strong and being unable to remain in remission, the transplant never happened.

Kaylyn's life long dream of running a Bed & Breakfast soon changed to running a summer camp for kids suffering from all types of childhood cancers. Kay knew first hand how cancer had stolen the normalcy of her young life. Every child suffering from cancer is forced to mature before their time and must live a "new normal" existence that is anything but "normal." When Kaylyn realized she would be unable to start the camp herself, she asked that her dreams and vision be fulfilled. Present at the time were her parents, brother and several friends. Mary Ellen McKnight was not only a family friend, but one of the nurses that took care of Kay at Christiana and most importantly, her hospice nurse. Kaylyn asked Mary Ellen to take on the task of setting up the medical program which all things at Kamp would revolve around. Graciously, she agreed to this monumental project.

Through the foundation established in her loving memory, Kay's Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization was established in June of 2007. The main focus and program is Kay's Kamp. 

THE MISSION: Provide children 5-17 currently battling cancer and those now in remission the opportunity to participate in a unique camping experience promoting fun and normalcy- FREE OF CHARGE.

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